the space in which to place me

Institute of American Indian Arts
Venice Indigenous Arts School
Jun 10–14, 2024

The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is an arts school uniquely dedicated to the instruction of Indigenous arts from an Indigenous perspective. Since 1962, it has been a center for Indigenous arts production and innovation, boasting a large number of notable Indigenous artists and arts professionals as alumni.

As part of the educational programming for Jeffrey Gibson's 2024 exhibition in the U.S. Pavilion, the space in which to place me, IAIA's MFA in Studio Arts Program has been invited as an Educational Partner to conduct the Venice Indigenous Arts School, a week-long institute featuring lectures, production workshops, screenings, as well as a performance at the US Pavilion taking place between June 10th and 14th.

In collaboration with The New Institute Centre for Environmental Humanities (NICHE) at the Ca' Foscari University, the curriculum for our week-long pedagogical engagement will center on examining “Keywords in Indigenous Arts,” an ongoing project developing an arts vocabulary based on Indigenous ways of knowing. It will include public discussions with Indigenous scholars and artists from around the world engaging in a comparative approach that centers Indigenous terminology in determining the terms by which we engage Contemporary Indigenous Arts discourses.

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if I read you
what I wrote bear
in mind I wrote it
*A Convening to consider Jeffrey Gibson: the space in which to place me
Oct 24–26, 2024

The Center for Indigenous Studies at Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, New York) will organize a convening in Venice on the relationship of Indigenous North American art and cultures to global histories. Diverse speakers, including practitioners, academics, artists, and theorists, will address the interdisciplinary, transnational nature of Jeffrey Gibson's work in the U.S. Pavilion. The convening will consider how Indigenous aesthetics, futurity, and arts intersect with global practices and modernism. Panels on beads, materiality, economies of labor and trade, aesthetics, poetry, performance, silhouette, and color will celebrate contemporary Indigenous artists, writers, and activists while examining the continued segregation of Indigenous voices in conversations regarding taste making, trade, modernity, and power.

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Jeffrey Gibson: the space in which to place me
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